Academic Success Workshop Quiz for Review/Probation

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UNC BearsAcademic Success Workshop Quiz for Academic Review/Probation

Workshop Quiz Directions

Hey Bear,

You were invited to this Academic Success Workshop Quiz because your cumulative GPA (that number on a 4.0 scale based on your class grades) is below 2.0. It happens. You have two steps to complete this semester as you work towards Good Standing (2.0+ GPA).

  1. Complete all the activities in this Workshop Quiz. Press the "Next" button to work through each question. You can start and finish later, but the quiz will return to question 1 with your previous answers saved. The entire workshop will take around 30 minutes to complete.
  2. Schedule regular meetings with your probation support to discuss your goals and make a plan.

Download our Success Goal Worksheet Download Download the reflection documentto help organize your thoughts while you move through the workshop content. The Success Goal Worksheet is optional but will help you answer the final question in the workshop about your success plan this semester.

If you haven't spent time in the rest of the Success at UNC content, you might want to explore the tools and resources first because they will also help you answer the question about your plans for raising your GPA. You can jump into our Browser Quick Search or Mobile Quick Search to get started depending on the device you are currently using.

This quiz should be taken on a laptop or desktop browser as students have reported having issues taking quizzes on either mobile app. 

Once you complete this workshop, three things happen next:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email: typically within 2-3 Business Days from 
  2. Your advisor will receive a notification that you completed the workshop
  3. You need to schedule a follow-up conversation with your advisor (even if you have met with them already, you might schedule another meeting to review your plans)

Thank you for being proactive through this process. Keep it up and positive vibes for your semester.

-The Student Academic Success Team

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